Servicing our customers for over 30 years

      Rick's Running Water, Inc. is a Beverage Distribution Company providing specialty products to a wide variety of customers for over 30 years. Our niche is premium and healthy products and our trademark is service combined with a personal touch that we offer with pride.

      We are a Southern California Based Company, but we have the capability to ship product to anyone and anywhere. Our customers include Hotels, Resorts and Hospitals, Restaurants and Cafes, Health and Fitness Facilities, Offices and Consumers Direct.

      We are a Company that is sensitive to environmental concerns. The bottle we use for Private Label Water is made 100% from previously recycled beverage containers helping us to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Premium Waters

A variety of Spring, Purified, Artesian and Mineral Waters. Our Private Label Water Program gives our customers an opportunity to personalize their business or organization while advertising it in a healthy and inexpensive way. We are also out in front environmentally with our regenerating bottle.

Teas, Sodas, Juices and More

High quality teas both Iced and Hot, Yerba Mate products and Organic Energy Drinks. Sodas with pure cane sugar including Mexican Coke and Squirt.


Organic beverage made with Hemp Cannibidoil. Works to improve emotional well-being by achieving homeostasis. Made with 15mg CBD oil. Originated and produced in Los Angeles, California.                                                                                                                                               MIND + BODY FUNCTION